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Lennie at Education Matters has posted Part I and Part II of his first-person account of Michael Medved’s Chicago appearance from Monday.

Great stuff.

There’s more information at Keeping An Eye on the Illinois Energy Consortium website. Which reminds me, I got a note the other day saying that the final hearing in the case of Tarsitano v. District 211 will be held on June 6, so mark that date on your calendar!

 And most importantly, I am wearing a new dress for spring 🙂


Michael Medved is one of the nation’s top syndicated talk show hosts. Tonight, according to his website, he is appearing in Chicagoland:

Also on the 23rd, Michael will be the keynote speaker for the Day of Truth. Please join him at this free event, 7:00pm at Deerfield High School.

Medved was invited to speak by a group of high school students. The issue at hand was reported here.

Students at Deerfield High School were required to attend a “Straight Gay Alliance Network” panel led by upperclassmen identified as homosexual, as part of an advisory class that promoted homosexuality. Students were also required to sign a “confidentiality agreement” before attending the session that forbade them from telling anyone–including their parents–about the panel material.

I don’t cotton to the idea of talking about “the homosexual agenda” in hushed conspiratorial voices as in that article. My guess is that the reason for the pledge of confidentiality is because the gay students who would have been talking on the panel wanted to feel safe to share what life is like for them in high school as gay students.

However, it just doesn’t work in a large public school setting to require students to attend a panel on a controversial subject and require them to sign a pledge of confidentiality. It makes it look like you’re deliberately trying to keep secrets from the parents and that’s never going to fly.

Anyway, I like Michael Medved and if my schedule permitted, I’d go to the talk tonight.

HT: Lennie at Education Matters.