Straight Talk on District 211 is a new blog covering D211, written by a real expert: Bill Lloyd, a member of the D211 school board.

Check out the first entry, which focuses on the upcoming school board elections.

Here’s an excerpt:

The majority of the current board has prevented efforts in this area relying on the superintendent to provide information about the unions. At least one non-incumbent candidate actually would favor a board member sitting in on contract negotiations with the union as an observer. Of course it is the Board’s responsibility to actually negotiate the union contracts but the majority of the current board has abdicated that responsibility to the superintendent (as has been the custom in District 211). Any movement toward the board reclaiming its duty to deal with the unions directly would be a positive step. The incumbent candidates have lost sight that they represent the community and have instead turned the board into a support group for the district administration.

I’m looking forward with great interest to following this blog. Mr. Lloyd says that he is working on an entry about the impact of the 2005 referendum.