This blog is about the District 211 schools.  I started it in early March 2007 after reading an article in the Chicago Tribune about a lawsuit that was filed against District 211.

The lawsuit alleges that the District 211 administration and school board entered into an illegal contract to purchase electricity and natural gas from the Illinois Energy Consortium.  District 211 is waging an expensive legal battle to defend itself against this allegation.

I’m happy to have a lot of readers from the school district with a wide variety of interests.  What I hear from people who email me is that they fear being attacked and shamed by what they see as powerful community leaders if they ask questions about how the District conducts its business. I think there is something to this concern. As a result, I am fine with people emailing me confidentially and asking questions or passing along tips.

My concern is that we have a very open and accountable school administration. I believe that it has a long way to go to reach that standard.


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