The Daily Herald asks about Boards going back to school?

Good article. It emphasizes that the consequences for a school district of ignorant school board members can be dire:

Schock said he attended a recent event where a school board member said he had been on the board eight years and still didn’t know a thing about school finance.

“People don’t get on school boards to be a watchdog,” he said.

But school districts and taxpayers across the suburbs have paid the price when boards lacked the knowledge to act as watchdogs.


Not to mention the kids and the teachers. “Watchdogs” get a bad rap as focusing exclusively on the “interests of the taxpayer”. But everyone should care and care deeply about money being wasted. That money is money that is not going into the classroom.

“School board members have a fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interests of their constituents. However, they may be voting on fiscal issues they do not clearly comprehend,” the mayors caucus report said. “This lack of understanding can lead to school districts making unfortunate and costly choices or even to fiscal improprieties.”