Chicago Trib: Student questioned after suburban high school evacuation.

CBS Chicago News: Police Question Teen About School Bomb Threat.

Northwest Herald: School evacuated after bomb threat.

Chicago Sun-Times: School evacuated over student’s bomb talk.

Chad Brooks at the Daily Herald is following the upsetting story most closely:

The school was evacuated this afternoon (around 1:30 p.m.) as a precautionary measure. Students were escorted to the football stadium where they were allowed to board buses or eventually return to their personal vehicles and leave the campus.

School will be in session today, with a police presence at all five of the schools. Additional searches will continue until police feel satisfied that no one is in danger and no dangerous materials are present.

Each of the five websites has been updated to include information such as an advisory from Sup. Thornton which I believe strikes a good tone.

How are your kids reacting?