I’m a longtime admirer of the District 299 blog that covers everything about the Chicago Public Schools, all day, every day!

I’ve been intending to start a similar blog to cover District 211–a very humble little sister.

My motivation to finally get going is this morning’s story in the Chicago Tribune by top education reporter Diane Rado.

Diane’s article is about a lawsuit that has been filed against District 211.

According to the story, the lawsuit is based on the fact that District 211 entered into a no-bid contract for energy (electricity and natural gas) with an energy consortium that was created by the Illinois School Board Association and similar school advocacy groups.

According to her article:

The biggest advocates for Illinois’ school boards and administrators have been making millions of dollars off school districts and taxpayers, court and financial records show.

Much more later!

I’d love to hear from District 211 residents–teachers, taxpayers, students, administrators.

Let’s make this a positive place to improve the District. If poor decisions have been made, let’s find out about them, solve them, and learn from them.